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Title: “Monetary Policy in the Post-Crisis World”             Title:Cooperation in the WTO”

Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Polański                                                     Prof. Dr. Marcelo Olarreaga

National Bank of Poland, Poland                                             University of Geneva, Switzerland

Title: Trends and Dynamics in the Global Trading System”

Roberta Piermartini

World Trade Organization (WTO)

Title: “On the Choice of Cointegration Rank in Economic Applications”

Prof. Dr. Katarina Juselius

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Title: “Correlation and Cointegration”

Prof. Dr. Søren Johansen

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Katarina Juselius is presently Professor Emerita at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics. She is widely known for her research on the applications and methodology of the Cointegrated VAR model that she has developed together with Professor Søren Johansen. Among her applied macroeconomic research, one can in particular mention: monetary transmission mechanisms in small and large open economies; wage, price and unemployment dynamics in various European countries during normal and crisis periods; the Phillips curve with a Phelpsian natural rate; purchasing power parity and uncovered interest rate parity under imperfect knowledge. Her methodological research has primarily been oriented towards the development of a bridging principle linking empirical evidence with macroeconomic theories.

 She has been a visiting professor at numerous universities around the world, led eight large research projects, been on the editorial board of several scientific journals. She has published more than hundred articles in international journals and given several hundred lectures and seminars around the world.

She has taught numerous international PhD courses and organized summer schools in the Cointegrated VAR model and its methodology. She has been a member of the Danish Research Council for Social Sciences and the chairperson of the EuroCore and Forward Look Programmes of the European Science Foundation. She has been dubbed a knight by the Queen of Denmark and is a member of the Danish Royal Society of Sciences and Letters. In the period 1990-2000 she was nr 8 among the most cited economists in the world.

Søren Johansen  was born 6 November 1939 and graduated 1964 from the University of Copenhagen in mathematical statistics. From 1964 to 2006, he has been working at University of Copenhagen, Deparment of Mathematical Sciences and since 1989 as professor. From 1996-2001, he was on leave from the University of Copenhagen to take up a temporary position as professor of econometrics at the Department of Economics, European University Institute, Florence. From 2007, he has been working part time at Department of Economics University of Copenhagen, and from April 2007-April 2017 part time at CREATES (Center for Research in Econometric Analysis of Time Series), Aarhus University. He has spent research time at universities in US, Australia, UK, Finland and Switzerland.

In 1967, he obtained the Gold medal from University of Copenhagen for the thesis “An application of extreme point methods in probability” and in 1974, he became dr. phil. with the thesis “The  embedding problem for Markov chains”. In 1997, he received an award from Dir. Ib Henriksens Fund, for outstanding research, and in 1993-1996 He became the most cited European economist, see R. Eichenberger and B. Frey (2000), and 1990-2000 the most cited researcher in the world in economic journals, see T. Coupe (2003, JEEA, Table 10). In 2017, he was awarded a degree as doctor honoris causa at Aarhus University. He is a member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. Honorary member of Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics and recently a member of Academia Europaea.

He has  worked with mathematical statistics and probability theory as well as medical statistics

and since 1983 with econometrics, in particular the theory of cointegration.

Marcelo Olarreaga is Professor of Economics at the University of Geneva, and Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) in London. He is also Dean of the Geneva School of Economics and Management at the University of Geneva. Before joining the University of Geneva he worked in the Research Department of the World Bank, as well as in the Economics Research Division of the World Trade Organization. He has also been invited professor at CERDI (France), the Graduate Institute (Switzerland), INSEAD (France), Institute CLAEH (Uruguay), SciencePo-Paris (France), Universidad de la República (Uruguay) and the University of Antwerp (Belgium). He holds an MA from the University of Sussex, and a PhD in Economics from the University of Geneva.

Zbigniew Polański is a professor of money and banking at the Warsaw School of Economics (Chair of Monetary Policy) and has been affiliated with the National Bank of Poland since 1987 (linked to its subsequent research and economic analysis units, currently the Economic Research Department). In 1990-1991, he was a Fulbright Professor at the University of Maryland (College Park) and in 1992-1993, he participated in an economics program at Carleton University (Ottawa). In 2006, he cooperated with the IMF on Ukraine, while in 2007, he worked at the ECB on Russia. His main interests include monetary policy, central banking, and financial system issues in transition economies and the EU.

Roberta Piermartini is Chief of Trade Costs Analysis Section at the WTO. Her research focuses on trade cooperation and trade policy analysis.  Her papers have been published in international peer review journals, including The American Economic Journal: Economic Policy and Journal of International Economics as well as various books. Since 2003 she is one of the main authors of World Trade Report (WTR), the flagship publication of WTO.  She is author of "A Practical Guide to Trade Policy Modelling" and "An Advanced Guide to trade Policy Modelling." She coordinated several WTO joint publication with other international organizations (such as the World Bank and UNCTAD). She has served the WTO Dispute Settlement in several Panel and Arbitration cases. Her work has been covered by The Economist and Le Monde. Prior to joining the WTO in 2000, she was lecturer in economics and statistics at the University of Southampton and research fellow in the research division of Confindustria. She also has been teaching at the University of Geneva and LUISS. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Southampton.

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